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I’m just narcissistic enough…


I am just narcissistic enough to think that it is relevant to post things that annoy the living shizz out of me.  Seriously.  I am selfish.  Although this list is not all inclusive, it will suffice as a start.

Get ready.

1. Stickers on facebook.  They are cheesy.  They are annoying.  They are dumb.  I was the last person on earth to use emoticons, and I still cringe every time I use texting language (such as LOL).  To be completely transparent, I only put LOL whenever i can’t think of anything else to say.  Feel rejected when I use it.  REJECTS (LOL)!


2. People who post their feelings on facebook.  No one gives a shizz if you are feeling determined, undermined, annoyed, blissful or euphoric.  Actually, tons of people care.  Just not me.  Thanks facebook, your new crap is SUPER annoying.

3.  What movie you are watching– again, why this feature facebook?

I just learned that maybe I should stick to twitter only.


On further note:

4. Passive aggressive people. Say what you mean, mean what you say, and move one.  Your insecurities are yours.  Not mine.  Move forward! 

5.  Owl’s eyes.  They freak me out.

6.  Stubbing my toe.  Also, smashing my hip bones against countertops.

7.  Misuse of homonyms.  Just punch me in the face.  I feel like your misuse of homonyms do every single time.

8.  I find it extremely annoying that I cannot walk around punching people in the throat, and saying swear words.  What the crap. 

9.  Emails and pictures with cute animals.  I am a soulless woman.

10.  Christmas music. It’s so repetitive.  It instantly drives me over the cliff. 

11. Anyone else picking the music besides myself.  I have problems. 

12.  The Kardashian’s voices.  That should be #1.  There is no actual relevance to the order of this list.

13.  Commercials on youtube.  They can go (insert swear word) themselves.

14. People reading over my shoulder.  People watching me work over my shoulder.  People in general.

15.  People who complain or make comments about their weight, and do NOTHING about it.  

16.  Brown nosers/two faced coworkers.  

17.  paper cuts.  

18.  PDA.  Gagggggggggggggg

19.  People eating.  Or at least the sound of people eating.  Especially potato chips.  

20. Teenagers.