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The Musings of a 9 Year Old


My daughter, the bright star of an otherwise ordinary existence, can be a spacey valley girl, and a speculative thinker all in one breath.  My one desire in her life is to raise her to be a human.  A human who takes her time to make big decisions, loves endlessly, and dreams without ceasing.  All too often we accidentally raise impatient consumers, full of greed, lust, and selfishness.  My deep desire is to combat that in my little human’s lives; it is then that they may live merrily.

As I sat down at the table while my little human painted a picture, she leaned over and whispered to me, “mom, sometimes I feel like this life is unreal.  Like is all just a dream– good, bad, happy, sad– just a dream”.  Upon further elaboration, this is a happy thought to her.  She sees life as an adventure, a giant picture that she can keep painting, and though you cannot always control dreams, you can keep dreaming.  

I believe that she understands that reality exists, and with it comes hardships, pain, joy, and laughter.  She loves with every fiber of her very being.  Her kindness, and maturity often shock me, but she has been through so much in her 9 years of existence.  

But to see life as a dream… that is beautiful.  With this she knows that things will change, and sometimes we just need to ride out that part of the adventure to get to the next.  There are three things I often tell my children, and I will tell them until the day I die:  We often have to take the bad to receive the good, we do what is right because it is right (credit to Joyce Delp), and to please never stop dreaming.  

My little human is taking off!  I love to have beautiful conversations about her elegant thoughts with her.  She reminds me of the amazing adventure that being a mother really is.