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If the Zombie apocalypse…


If the zombie apocalypse happens, don’t be a whore.  That’s probably the only relevant thing that could be said after the introductory phrase.

Why are people always talking about zombie apocalypses, and why do I always walk into those conversations?  Is there something that I do not know?  Have bath salts increased in usage?  Are they putting them in our fast food?

If the zombie apocalypse happens, I promise to give myself over to the zombies, and lead them to the homes of those that speak of preparing for said apocalypse like one might happen any day now.  “Don’t take our guns away because if you do the zombies will eat my family”!

It is my belief that fighting the apocalypse would only create more stress in my life.  The world would never rebound from such a thing anyway, so giving in seems appropriate.

Dang.  Now I am speaking of zombie apocalypses like one could really happen.

What is happening to the world!?!?!  Maybe the apocalypse has already happened…