#*&#*^#&$# I love to swear!


Moment of truth:  I have a filthy mouth.  Obscene language brings me joy.  I enjoy expressively illustrating my thoughts through what I have termed, “artful language”.  Foul language?  No way!  Let’s not call it that anymore.

I have recently, and fully, developed a deep and unfortunate love for foul language.  I am a Christian.  I believe in the death, resurrection, and sanctity of Jesus.  There a few things that I greatly disagree with the church over.  The first of things being the spirit of hate that they allow to wave through their believers.  Jesus never preached hate.  He never preached bigotry.  He never told us to reject anyone that we feel is different.  My next blog will be on my thoughts of homosexuality, the church, and failed opportunity to love.  

My second disagreement is that swearing is a sin.  Jesus used “strong language” when he flipped the tables over at the temple.  Any words used to hurt someone else is a sin.  Saying fuck, or shit, or ass, or bitch, why are those sins?  I have also noticed since I moved back to New York from Indiana that swearing is far more acceptable and tolerated in the workplace, in church, and basically everywhere.  Hello liberation. STFU philistines.  

My third goes along with no drinking, gambling, dancing, etc.  Anything that separates you from God is a sin.  The aforementioned things, when done responsibly, and maturely, are not sins.  Get over yourself judgey people.  

FYI:  I always fully believe the crap I say, so basically I am right.  Although I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong.  I am a confusing person, but both of those statements are 100% true.  

Back to my delightful love of swear words….

There is a time and a place for their use, but when I have the opportunity to just relax and be me, my artistic linguistic expressions will fly.  Let them soar I say to myself. I do refrain from their usage in front of children.  It seems that their use is not widely accepted in people below 16.  I will respect the world’s policy on this front. 

Mostly I suck, and it is improper to be near me.  Good luck friends! Muahhhh ha ha haaaaa.  



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